A new Era Begins : the start of the Avatar Economy

5 min readJul 4, 2022


After months of hard work, we’re announcing two ground breaking “utilities” for Clones X Owners : the unlock of 3D files 🌐 and Full Commercial Rights 👩‍⚖️

We believe this will be the start of a new wave in the creator economy, connecting collectors and creators around the world, spawning and uncovering new talents, content, value, IP’s and brands, powered by Clones and RTFKT. The start of an Avatar Economy.

Brand : Evolved

We’ve built RTFKT to be a blueprint of a brand of the future : merging worlds via the combination of digital and physical craftsmanship, powered by a creative community, groundbreaking collaborations and non-stop innovation born from our teenage passion combined with what today’s amazing tech allows us to do right here right now, step by step.

Community : Evolved

Clone X has built a reputation of having one of the most creative, collaborative, innovative communities of Web3. When not solving complex quests, Clones are practicing Blender, Procreate, or making music videos with their Clones. The Clone X Community is an integral part of the ecosystem we’re building, giving Clones 3D Files and Full Commercial rights is the biggest move we’ve done, yet.

Avatars : Evolved

Clone X Trio Render by Marsowy

RTFKT is a World Building Brand, supported by the best community of Web3.

Identity is the core pillar of Self-expression in the Metaverse, with CloneX being at the center of it. We made Clone X in full 3D since day one, hand modeling all traits, and working to unlock this digital craftsmanship to all owners, along with the Clone IP commercial rights since we launched back in Dec 2021, for this very moment. We envision a future where Clone X owners tag team with 3D artists, become Vtubers / Superstars, and create their own wearable web3 fashion brand.

The super models of tomorrow aren’t ambassador you pay for a sponsored post or a campaign, it’s your collectors, empowered by the vision you set and the tools you allow them to use to express their creativity. A future where a Brand is not valued by its sole Equity, but by its Ecosystem (Brand + Community) Equity. A future World to build, together. B.P

The start of an Avatar Economy, powered by a next-gen brand and its community. It’s now time to reach this next level and let the Clone X Community unleash their creativity 💥

3D Files { Alpha } 🌐

  • Token Gated 🌐🚪Available for Clone Owners Only, you can unlock your 3D Files at http://clonex.rtfkt.com Inventory > 3D Files.
  • The release of the Clone X 3D Files Alpha opens a new world of possibilities for 3D artists. Maya users will be able to explore the full potential of the files. Blender users will need to have a couple tips and tricks in mind since Blender’s capabilities are a bit more limited, but we are adapting the files through updates for beginners to still be able to create amazing projects.
  • We want to begin enabling artists to begin creating their own works, while also supporting other members of the community who want unique assets created for them.
  • We hope this triggers some new bonds and creative relationships between creators, artists, and collectors, and initiates 3D careers for artists all around the world.
  • 3D files Unlock is in Alpha access, we’ll continue to update the models, features, and servers throughout the year.

Available in :
.max .blend .c4d .gltf .fbx files for @unity and @UnrealEngine

We’re expecting :

  • A new generation of Creators to emerge
  • Collectors commissioning Creators to build their Clone IP and Brand.
  • Clone Vtubers
  • Clone Fashion Models
  • 3D Creator Superstars
  • Video game demos
  • Fanart NFTs
  • New brands and Wearables to be created
  • Dope things 🤩
  • Weird things 😅

Tutorials 🛠:
How to Download and Customize your 3D CloneX Avatar

How to Pose and Make Renders with your CloneX

How to Create a Snap Filter with your CloneX


Discord Channel 👾 :

We’ve made a dedicated channel and sub-channels on discord for Clone 3D file owners and creators to connect, learn and create together.

Full Commercial Rights 👩‍⚖️

Clones are at the center of the RTFKT ecosystem, and the core of your Metaverse Identity. While Clone X commercial rights were limited at first, we’ve worked hard to unlock it to take your Clone to the next level 🔓🚀

You can now use your Clone to :

  • Create derivatives / Mint Fan art NFT
  • Make Merch
  • Vtubing / Modeling
  • Make music / videos
  • Make a brand / business
  • Limit is your imagination ⚡ and no use of the RTFKT Blade logo, and unlawful stuff as listed in the commercialization agreement

Commercial Rights Discord Channel https://discord.gg/edayRqFxuS

Please note : Murakami Drip Clones are Fine Art and don’t have Full Commercial Rights. You can create dope content and create with the 3D Files as long as not commercialised/minted.

The Future and beyond 🚀

We can’t wait to see what the Clone X Community is going to build, and how this will trigger the next evolution within RTFKT Ecosystem and Web3 overall. The era of PFP is over, welcome to the Avatar Economy ⚔️👤📈

The Future is now, keep building 🛠🌐

We’ll be watching for the best creations and Clone initiatives 👁

RTFKT 👁‍🗨🖤🔓




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