Born on the Metaverse 🌐

4 min readMay 4, 2021


We grew up playing Diablo, Half-life, Runescape, Minecraft, watching DBZ, Evangelion, Akira, Star Wars, collecting, trading and reselling Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon cards.

We then designed luxury retail stores, made iconic esports moments, created logos for hip hop artists, directed movies and music videos, sold millions of CSGO and Dota skins, grew online communities to millions, disrupted fashion industries and created sneakers for legends.

In January 2020, our small team of three decided to marry our geek passions and our professional expertise to build the future of fashion and collectibles — one born from gaming and crypto culture. RTFKT Studios is best known for our Metaverse-ready sneakers and collectibles, like our recent sneaker collaboration with 18 year old artist Fewocious. Through that partnership alone, we sold over $3M worth of digital sneakers in under 7 minutes.

RTFKT is born on the blockchain to ensure authenticity, ownership and grant access to new experiences. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to empower creators to lead, collaborate and create with no limits. NFTs are a transformative medium that is going to develop a new paradigm between creativity and commerce.

We believe when communities organise and demand influence, they can move the world and turn the old guard on its head ⚔️

Today we’re ready to go to the next level, and take all the creators with us into this future

To support us in our quest in making the future of fashion powered by creators and gaming communities, we assembled a group of investors, masterminds, legends, that we’re proud to announce today, May the 4th 2021.

Introducing our biggest collab yet :

a16z x RTFKT, ‘Meta- builder’, sneakers designed in honour of the announcement 🛠🌐

Andreessen Horowitz leading our round of $8M, they are the ultimate 🐐’s and came in like Batman, while we were doing all these drops grinding 24/7. It’s time to build !!!

Adrian Cheng / C Ventures our secret card to empower our ideas and creations to the most innovative region in the world with unbelievable expertise.

Galaxy Digital : our blockchain dads and OG supporters

VaynerFund : Gary Vaynerchuck’s new fund. The legend, his drive and passion ignited us, even through a zoom call.

Shrug Capital:¯\_(ツ)_/¯, the guys we’d like to be if we had a fund. #ValueAdd

GFR : Our Japanese Mentors and godfathers, sometimes cyberpunk 2077 quest partners.

Marc Merrill: will help us get to Challenger rank in League amongst many other things, we’re honored to have him on board.

Larry Warsh : The most Legendary Collector, can’t believe we can talk and ideate with such a legend.

Roham Gharegozlou: The OG NFT Legend, paving the way for us!

Fewocious: The Artist of the future, we made history together and will continue to do so.

Andrew Gertler (AG) Artists: Fewo’s new manager, innovating how creators are being managed and empowered

Cyan Banister, Lee Jacobs and the super angels: We are going to make some magic with this dream team.

Bill Lee: This man is already living and shaping the future. Mohawke, Surf, and NFTs FTW. LFG!!!!!!!

Mantis VC: Awesome to work with, great vibes and some of the most connected people in multiple industries

Tetsuro Miyatake: Bridging the gap in Japan, bringing iconic IP’s into the future together.

Akash Nigam: Avatars + Metaverse Drip? Match made in heaven

Michael Kives : Hollywood’s Super Connectors

Ledger : Just wait till you see what we’re doing with these geniuses.

Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance : Visionary, creating the tools of the creators, Scott is the best person to have to support our community and future NFX experience vision.

Mini-fund / Eros : Discord OG, RTFKT cool uncle, Eros is our early advisor and yoga mentor.

Term sheet signed on Zoom with Jon Lai, partner at a16z

What are we going to do with this $$$ ???

Invest in the development of new NFT utilities: Through unique partnerships and projects, we can push the NFT ecosystem forward and help shape the future of fashion and commerce in the metaverse.

Hire the best team in the world: We’re calling the creators, innovators, Artstation legends, 3D artists, and more to join our team. Join the pirates and join the community

Foster the community: From incubating projects with you, to hosting your drops, to curating exhibitions, we want to celebrate and invest in the community of people helping to build the metaverse.

Get more Cryptopunks before our punks project coming out May 11th (yes it’s that good that we’re teasing it AGAIN in this big historical RTFKT moment)


LET’S BUILD the future

We are thankful for what we’re living and creating everyday, it’s the most exciting times to be a geek and build the future surrounded by such a game changing movement, powered by NFT’s, knowledge and passion.

We’re building one level at a time, and will continue to innovate, have fun, and build the future daily.

It wouldn’t be possible without the support of our early fans, collectors, friends and family.

It’s time for creators to take over 🏴‍☠️

“ If nothing is true, everything is permitted”

Zarathustra / Assassin’s Creed

RTFKT team 🖖🌐💊

Benit0 / ClegFX and Zaptio originin story, when we went to Tokyo and the Ghibli museum in Dec 2019 just before starting this metaverse journey together




Merging Worlds 🌎⚔️🌐 Avatars, next Gen Sneakers and Collectibles for the Metaverse. The Future is now. Join us 🚀