Born on the Metaverse 🌐

We believe when communities organise and demand influence, they can move the world and turn the old guard on its head ⚔️

Today we’re ready to go to the next level, and take all the creators with us into this future

Introducing our biggest collab yet :

a16z x RTFKT, ‘Meta- builder’, sneakers designed in honour of the announcement 🛠🌐
Term sheet signed on Zoom with Jon Lai, partner at a16z

What are we going to do with this $$$ ???

Invest in the development of new NFT utilities: Through unique partnerships and projects, we can push the NFT ecosystem forward and help shape the future of fashion and commerce in the metaverse.

LET’S BUILD the future

We are thankful for what we’re living and creating everyday, it’s the most exciting times to be a geek and build the future surrounded by such a game changing movement, powered by NFT’s, knowledge and passion.

Benit0 / ClegFX and Zaptio originin story, when we went to Tokyo and the Ghibli museum in Dec 2019 just before starting this metaverse journey together



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Merging Worlds 🌎⚔️🌐 Avatars, next Gen Sneakers and Collectibles for the Metaverse. The Future is now. Join us 🚀